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Compete in elite tournaments held at the area’s finest golf clubs and earn points to qualify to play in the ExecGolf Championship!

Rules & Information

You earn points to climb the ExecGolf Tournament Series Leaderboard by playing in tournaments – 30 points are awarded for every event you play in. There are also Bonus Points awarded for on-course contests and hole-in-ones.

The ExecGolf Tournament Series features two divisions: ExecGolf Handicap and Callaway. Both divisions are Individual Stroke Play, and you only compete against other players in your same division. The handicap division is split into flights based on the average ExecGolf Handicap of the golfers playing in a particular event. On-course contests are open to players in all divisions.

Callaway Division: For players who have golfed in less than three ExecGolf Tournament Series Events in the last 18 months. In the Callaway division, a mathematical formula is used to calculate a one-time handicap for you based on the round you play in the event. Ties in this division are broken by gross score. If there is still a tie, then back nine, back six, back three and finally handicap holes will be used. 10% of the division up to a maximum of five places in the Callaway division will be paid out in prizes at each tournament.

ExecGolf Handicap Division: All other players will play in this division. ExecGolf calculates handicaps for each participant in the ExecGolf Tournament Series. A minimum of three ExecGolf scores is required before a player will be moved into this division. This handicap is calculated by taking an average of the 12 most recently completed 18-hole ExecGolf Tournament rounds for each player (any rounds more than 18 months old are not considered for calculations), subtracting 72 from that average to get a Raw Handicap, and then taking 80% of that Raw Handicap to get each player’s final ExecGolf Handicap. ExecGolf Handicaps are updated on a monthly basis before each Tournament Series event. Ties in this division are broken by back nine total, less 1/2 of the player’s handicap. If there is still a tie, then back six (less 1/3 handicap), back three (less 1/6 handicap), and finally handicap holes will be used. 10% of the each flight in this division up to a maximum of five places will be paid out in prizes at each tournament.

The 16 players who qualify for the ExecGolf Championship will be combined into the same division using ExecGolf Handicaps (descibed above).

The Championship will be a Scorecard Shootout. All players will complete an uninterupted 18-hole round and after all rounds are completed net scores will be calculated for each hole based on each player’s ExecGolf Handicap (see Divisions & Scoring above for an explanation of how handicaps are calculated). Players will play from the tee that their ExecGolf Handicap was calculated from. Ties will be broken using back nine total, less 1/2 of the player’s handicap. If there is still a tie, then back six (less 1/3 handicap), back three (less 1/6 handicap), and finally handicap holes will be used.

The two runners-up will win a forthcoming ExecGolf Membership Card, and the Champion will earn the title of ExecGolf Champion, and will win a one-year Full Golf Membership to Blue Sky Golf Club.

We will make every effort to honor your group request. Simply include your request in the “Comments” section of the tournament order form.

Ten percent of the divisions/flights up to a maximum of five places per division are paid out in the Handicap Divisions at each tournament. In addition, players have the ability to earn bonus points. Remember! The more points you earn, the more likely you are to qualify for The ExecGolf Championship!


1st Place: 100 Points

2nd Place: 50 Points

3rd Place: 40 Points

4th Place: 30 Points

5th Place: 20 Points

Participation: 30 Points

Hole-In-One: 100 Points

On-Course Contest Winner: 40 Points

Regular yardage is around 6,000 yards. A senior yardage is available for golfers 65+ that averages around 5,500 yards. Ladies play from the ladies’ tees.

Tournament stops are open to all ExecGolf Members. If you’re not a member, join now to take part in all the action. Memberships are as low as $89 and include over $900 in golf value!

Registration for the Tournament Stops will begin about 30 days before each tournament date. For the convenience of our Members, we are proud to offer online registration. Click here and then click on the tournament you’d like to play in for more registration information.

All online and phone registrations must be paid for by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

At most venues, price includes range balls, greens fees, cart fees, lunch and prizes.

At the end of the Tournament Series, all players who placed first in their flight/division at each of the Tournament Stops will compete in a putting contest. The top four players will win a Wild Card entry into the Club Championship.

Should a tie occur at the Putt Off, the individuals tied will go to a sudden death single putt on the hole of the Tournament Directors choice. This will continue until a winner is selected.

A total of 16 players will qualify to play in the ExecGolf Championship FOR FREE after the last tournament of the season.

The 16 players will be a combination of the 12 top players from the Leaderboard along with four Wild Card winners. In the event of a leaderboard tie for 12th place or better that would result in more than 12 people qualifying, all tied leaderboard players will automatically qualify for the ExecGolf Championship and the number of Wild Card winners who qualify will be reduced accordingly. The top 16 finalists receives their choice of a Callaway Mavrik Driver or three JAWS wedges, an OGIO backpack and a Callaway hat.

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